This is the motto that guides the steps of Artware since its foundation in 1.989


Hello! I’m Nuria. I'm a graphic artist with wide range of skills and experience on print, digital and illustration work. With large experience in digital teamworking: designing and planning websites, web applications, e-learning, intranets and mobile applications. Especialized in creating graphic art for education: interface, character design, technical illustration, gamification. I love to make the art direction of projects focused on art, culture and education.


My responsibility is working to develop meaningful graphic and interactive experiences. This will require strategic thinking and acute communication with all members of the project team.

I start from a careful study of the contents, analyzing implicit structures, not always evident from the beginning, and valuing the most adequate means for that communication objective.

Creative direction should provide depth, empathy and credibility to the content, turning them into something memorable. My goal is not only to communicate and make things easy, it is also to seduce...

I think that usability is not the goal is just a necessary match. I’ts like riding a motorcycle, better than de shortest way is the more interesting for the user.

I don’t do pret a porter, I take de measures of the client project and make the suit that fits. This is about pixel crafting.