Risk prevention campaigns in the Shipbuilding Industry

Lean 5S principles in the factory

Poster and brochure to promote the implementation of Lean 5S program as part of the Health and Safety Program in the shipbuilding industry, promoted by the Galician Association of Metal and Xunta de Galicia

Prevention of occupational risks during pregnancy and lactation

With the addition of women as workers in the metal sector it is necessary to disclose the protocol to prevent specific risks. The main idea is that is better not to wait until the pregnancy is advanced but take action as soon as the worker knows her status.

Study of psychosocial risks arising from work organization in the metallurgical sector

This is a research on the incidence of emotional risks in the daily work of metal workers. This book publishes an illuminating study on aspects sometimes unappreciated in Health and Safety Programs in the industry.


Formega, Fundación Galega do Metal + Xunta de Galicia